Thursday, September 30, 2004

For Openers

The environmentalist's motto, to think globally and act locally, is good advice. That way lies sanity. Attempts to act globally are vainglorious and dangerous and tend to pop you up on the radar of large government agencies who like to swat flies with a sledgehammer. My advice to university students under recruiting pressure from professors with a social agenda is to view their blandishments with suspicion. You are there to educate yourselves, not to serve as cannon fodder for gentlemen adventurers on horses. They care about the cause, not about you.

Events described and opinions offered here deal with the province of Nova Scotia in Canada, because that's where I live and it's what I know. Now don't get me wrong - I care about the apparent global warming, the slaughter of cetaceans, the war crimes against our fellow primates and the disappearance of fish in our oceans, but there isn't a lot I can do about it. If you know whether we are currently in an interstitial period between ice ages, or at the end of the last (Wisconsonan?) or well into the next, then I want the name of your telephone provider, because you've obviously got a direct line to the great architect.


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